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What is the cost of duplicating a car key?

Most of us must have experienced getting locked out of a car for various reasons. A spare duplicate key comes to the rescue in such situations. Sometimes, you lose your original car key, unable to remember where you had kept it or if you have given it to someone. A duplicate key becomes a rescuer again in such a situation. Duplicating a car key is beneficial in such circumstances. You can give to your family members or to your neighbors so that in times of need, it comes handy. None of us want to be frustrated because of losing keys or unable to get in the car because the key is locked inside.

The question you ask yourself though is, how much does it cost to duplicate a key? Many of us refrain from doing so solely because of the cost. Unlike earlier, today’s car keys have become smart and technologically advanced.

Let us explore the cost based on different factors.

The type

You pay the cost of a vehicle depending on the make and the model of the car. Similarly, the car’s brand determines the cost of duplicating it. The key of a luxury or a new car will be costlier compared to the old cars that come with a relatively simple mechanical key. It is a good practice to study the key model before visiting a key maker. The trend of owning a car that comes with only a key attached is far behind us. Today’s keys are designed using key fobs, remote controls, integrated transponder chips, etc.

The maker

The cost of duplicating your key also depends on who you approach to make it. For example, knocking on the car dealership’s door will cost you more than approaching a locksmith. A hardware store will make your duplicate car key using a simple machine. The downside of this approach is its reliability. Keys duplicated at a hardware store could be a proper fit or may not work at all.

The machine

Believe it or not, the type of machine also affects how much you end up paying for a duplicate key. It is because the machine used will determine the time and the complexity to duplicate. You will have to cough out more money if the time to design your duplicate key is extended. Also, a precise machine that makes fine cuts resembling the original is also time-consuming and costly.

The decision

You should be asking yourself if duplicating a key is feasible or ordering an entirely new set is wise. This is because duplicating certain keys require reprogramming as most of them are keyless or are integrated with your smartphone. You may think ordering a new key could be a costlier affair but that is the best alternative you may have at that point. On the other hand, if you are still driving an old car with a mechanical key, duplicating is the best foot forward. This is because you may require it temporarily as an emergency backup.

Having a duplicate car key is cheaper than you think though. A small step taken of duplicating the keys could be the best decision you ever took as you don’t want to be in a situation where going to the office is a nightmare. So, think about the above factors and decide what approach works best for you.  

Finally, the location where you live also acts as a deciding factor on how much your duplicate car keys will cost you. Getting a car key duplicated in a metro city will be more expensive than in a small town or a rural area. So, it is your duty to do some research in your area as to who duplicates a car key. Ask your friends, family members, or relatives if they know someone in getting your duplicate keys done faster and relatively cheaper.

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