Key Fob Replacement 

Do not worry at all, if you have lost your fob keys, you can get a spare one by calling our professional easily.

What do you need to do if you lose your fob key?

key fob replace

Almost all lock and key company offer a fob key replacement service at relatively lower prices as compared to the car manufacturers and dealers.

Moreover, only a professional can program your new fob keys because it requires certain instructions to complete the programming process. With years of experience, our professionals has all the required skills and knowledge about programming a fob key. Furthermore, he can consult with his resources as well if he feels the need to do so. Calling us for fob key replacement is the best option for those who want to save money and time.

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What is a car key fob?

For those who do not know about the key fob, let us give you some information about the key fob and when do you need a key fob service. A key fob is just like our wireless TV remote. It interacts with the car electronic system in the same fashion.

Functions of a Fob key:

There are numerous functions performed by a fob key. Such as:

  • A fob key is used to open the car doors
  • In some recent car models, a fob key does not only open the car doors but also starts the car without being used physically by the human.

It is normally attached to the mechanical car key but it can be used as a separate car device as well. Fob keys are made from hard plastic and contain some use-able buttons to perform certain functions.

What is the procedure of a fob key replacement service?

Fob key replacement service involves many steps. You need a professional to get this fob key replacement service done. We will tell you why, For a fob key replacement, you need certain replacement parts that a professional already has.

A professional has both generic and factory created remote and all the necessary keys. However, you can also buy a fob key set on your own but that may include certain concerns such as what if you get a wrong fob key that does not operate with your car?

By purchasing the wrong set of remote and keys, you will waste your money and time. Such remotes are usually pre-programmed and can not work with other cars.

In an attempt to save middleman costs and some extra dollars on the remote price, you may end up with a useless set of the remote. If you call a professional, he will get the right replacement parts for your car. He may also have some extra key fob replacement already and will help you to complete the replacement process in less time.

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