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broken car key extraction

If your car key doesn’t come out of the ignition easily and you have to pull it hard it means that you need our professional services. We waste no time and we will get your key out of the ignition.

If you face a situation where your car key gets broken inside the ignition for some reason call us and we will let you know if you need to replace the ignition  or not. We offer a broken key remove service.

We will suggest to replace your ignition only if  there are many broken pieces are stuck inside. It also depends on how close the broken pieces to the extraction point.

We will extract the broken key without damaging the ignition. We offer a convenient solution for our customers and try to extract the broken pieces of the key without replacement.

How can a locksmith extract a broken key out of the ignition?

Locksmith use a special tool for removing broken keys from ignitions. This tool is important for locksmiths techniciansin order to fix this issues without causing damage to the ignition. The extractor tool works by carefully sliding into the keyway alongside the broken key piece and allowing the locksmith to pull out the broken parts. This tool is available in many shapes and sizes to fit different ignitions.

Available service for broken key

Our experts can extract your stuck key at your location anywhere and anytime whether it’s in the car door lock, trunk or ignition.

  • Bent car keys removal
  • Rusty lock key extraction
  • Key removal from dirty locks
  • Key extraction from frozen locks
  • Key removal from damaged locks

Our car key extraction experts are just a phone call away and ready to assist you whenever you need our services.

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