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Car keys made by Vin

What is a VIN number?

A VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a unique code used by the automotive industry to identify cars  and motorcycle define in ISO 3779 and ISO 4030. 

A VIN consists digits and capital letters that act as a unique identifier for the vehicle and provides important information about the vehicle including the manufacturer, year of production and place of assembly.

It can also reveal specific details about the vehicle such as the engine size and other manufacturer information.

Can car keys be made from VIN number?

Yes, a VIN can be used to create a key but the process depends on several factors including the make, model and year of the vehicle as well as legal and security considerations.

To get a key made from a VIN number you would need to:

Prove ownership

You must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle to a dealership or to the locksmith. This usually involves showing the vehicle’s registration documents and your photo ID to ensure that keys are made only for legitimate owners.

Visit a dealership or call an automotive locksmith

Not all locksmiths have the equipment or authorization to make keys from VIN numbers. Dealerships usually have direct access to the code necessary to cut a key that will fit your vehicle.

Some locksmiths also have the tools and access to the database required to create a new key based on a VIN.

Get Your Key Done

Once your ownership is verified dealership or locksmith can use the VIN to cut a new key. 

For newer cars this process might also require programming the key fob which is more complicated than simply cutting a metal key.

It’s important to understand that the ability of making a key from a VIN has led to strict regulations in many areas to prevent abuse such as car theft and because of this not all locksmiths can perform this service 

It might be restricted to dealerships or licensed locksmiths who have the right equipment and legal clearance to access the vehicle manufacturer key code database.

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