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Car Remote Not Working?

Imagine a situation in which you are walking up to your car press the unlock button on your remote an nothing happens, it is a common situation that many drivers have experienced before and it can be quite inconvenient and even potentially risky.

Now lets explore and find explanations for why your car remote might not be functioning as expected?

Possible Reasons for an Unresponsive Key Fob Here Are Some of The Most Common Issues:

Battery Replacement Required

Your car key remote is a device that needs power in order to work and if the battery is running low it might start acting funny. This is a problem that can easily be fixed and the solution is to replace the battery with a new one.

Remote Requires Reprogramming

It appears that your key fob might have been reset unintentionally which could be the reason why its not working and to resolve this problem it is recommended to reprogram the fob. After going through the reprogramming process which you can find in your car manual or online, your key fob will be able to perform  good as new.

Damaged Circuit Board

If the internal parts or the electric connections inside your fob are damaged it will stop working and while it might be possible to fix it you may also need to consider getting a replacement.

There could be other factors causing your car remote to stop working and it might not always be obvious to discover by someone without the right expertise.

What To Do if Your Car Remote Still Not Working?

When your car remote stops working and its not a battery issue that you can handle yourself you have two options and the first action would be to contact your car dealership and explore the possibility of getting a replacement for your remote.

The second option is to call an automotive locksmith who can easily help you gain access to your car repair your remote or if a repair is not possible he can replace it with a new one.

We recommend to hire an automotive locksmith because of 3 main reasons:


Locksmiths often charge less than dealerships for car key replacement becuase dealerships may have higher expenses which can lead to higher rates for parts and labor.


Calling a locksmith is much more convenient than visiting a dealership because of their mobile services, they come directly to your location which is very useful if you’re unable to access your car and drive it to the dealership.

Time Saving

Locksmiths are usually ready to provide immediate assistance and usually offer same day service while dealerships might require an appointment and may not have the necessary parts in stock which can lead to longer wait times.

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