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Car Remote Not Working?

It is a situation that many drivers have encountered before, you walk up to your car press the unlock button on your car key remote and… Nothing happens. These situations can be quite inconvenient and even potentially risky. So what steps should you do when your car remote stops working?

Your initial course of action could be to contact an automotive locksmith who can help you gain access to your vehicle. In the end you’ll likely need to repair or replace your malfunctioning fob.

Now lets explore some explanations for why your car remote might not be functioning as expected, and what exactly is going on inside that key fob?

Possible Reasons for an Unresponsive Key Fob

Here are some of the most common issues:

Battery Replacement Required

This is a problem that can be easily be fixed. Your key fob is a device that needs power to work. If the battery is running low, your car remote might start acting funny. The solution is straightforward: replace the battery with a new one. However figuring out the battery type for your key fob can sometimes be a bit challenging.

Remote Requires Reprogramming

It appears that your key fob might have been reset unintentionally which could be the reason for its malfunction. To resolve this problem it is recommended to reprogram the fob so that it can regain its functionality. You can rest assured that after going through the reprogramming process your key fob will be able to perform as good as new.

Damaged Circuit Board Or Internal Contacts

If the internal components or electric circuits connections inside your fob get damaged, it will stop working. While it might be possible to fix it you may also need to consider getting an new one.

There could be other factors causing your car remote to malfunction. It might not always be obvious to discover by someone without the right expertise. However someone who is familiar with fobs would likely recognize the problem away based on the symptoms observed.

What Can You Do?

When your car remote stops working you have few options. You can go to a car dealership to explore the possibility of getting a new one or you can seek the assistance of a trustworthy automotive locksmith who specializes in fixing and replacing key fobs.

Connect with Your Reliable Locksmith for Assistance

At ACKR Automotive Locksmith, we specialize in advanced automotive technology. We understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t access your car. We’ve assisted our clients with malfunctioning car remotes issues for more than a decade. We’ve witnessed the relief they feel when we provide a solution! So if your key fob isn’t responding don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our goal is to quickly identify the problem and assist you in regaining the ability to securely lock and unlock your vehicle. Safety is our top priority – Reach out to us with any problem you might have.

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