Transponder Chip Key Programming

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Cars produced after 1995 come equipped with a Transponder Chip. This chips purpose is to deactivate the immobilizer system of the car and once the right key is inserted into the ignition it allows the engine to start.

Chip key serves as a security feature that interacts with the computer system of your vehicle enabling you to start the engine. It acts as a security level that prevent thieves from stealing your car.

With their great experience in the field of Automotive locksmith our technicians possess the necessary expertise to successfully complete any work. They are masters in programming transponder keys for a wide range of cars such as BMW, Acura, Mercedes, Audi and many others.

Can a transponder key be coppied?

A transponder key can be copied but the process is more complcated than duplicating a standard key, becuase of the electronic chip inside of it. This chip communicates with the vehicle’s immobilizer system to allow the engine to start. Copying a transponder key typically involves not just cutting a new key but also programming the new key to be recognized by the ignition.

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