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Getting your car key replaced for a lesser cost

Replacing your car key can be expensive especially if you’re dealing with modern car keys that include transponder chip. There are several strategies you can take to minimize the cost of getting a new key.

Check Your Car Insurance Coverage

Some insurance policies include coverage for lost car keys so before you pay out of your pocket check whether your policy covers the cost of a key replacement as it might be fully or partially covered and significantly reducing your expenses.

Contact a Local Locksmith

Automotive locksmiths have the equipment to cut and program new keys and usually they charge significantly less than dealerships especially for keys with transponder chip, just make sure to choose a certified locksmith.

Think About Aftermarket Keys

Aftermarket keys can be a cost effective alternative to OEM keys and many locksmiths and online retailers offer aftermarket keys at much more affordable cost of dealership prices, just make sure that the key is compatible with your car model and year.

Buy a Key Online

You can find replacement keys for your car at a lower price online as websites like eBay and Amazon sell both OEM and aftermarket keys and once you have the key you’ll need to have it cut and if necessary programmed nothing that a professional locksmith can’t handle.

Program The Key by Yourselves

Some car keys can be programmed by the owner without special tools especially older models, so if you own an older car we recommend to check your car manual or search online if your specific car is able for DIY programming as it could save you the cost of calling a locksmith.

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