Ford Keys

Ford Keys

Do you own a Ford car? Have you ever lost the key to your Ford car? If so, then you would need to get a duplicate car key. Probably you are aware that the costs of a duplicate car key can be pretty high. The costs increase if you own a top-end car. The cost of replacing a Ford car key from a Ford dealer would be expensive.

Most car owners would go straight away to their dealer to get their duplicate car key. This is a mistake that can be expensive and you may need to spend more than $200 for the duplicate car key. So, what are the options?

Options for Ford car owners

It is not just at a dealer that you can get a duplicate key; you have other options too. These options would be less expensive and would help you save money.

One of the most common options to get a duplicate Ford key is to go to a locksmith. The locksmith would help you get a new key. The locksmith can also help in programming the key. This is important since your Ford key has electronics in it and is programmed to work with your car. There are reputed locksmiths who will program a new key for you if you show them your vehicle papers. You must note that they are also not very cheap.

The best option that is reliable and also cost-effective is to go to a third party. There are third parties that offer a replacement Ford car key. These are agencies that are specialized in making keys. You can get your Ford car key at the lowest possible price from them. This will help save money. You must note that they can’t program your key. But don’t worry about that, we will tell you how to do it yourself.

Programming your Ford car key

The cheapest and best option to get a duplicate Ford car key is to get it from a third party. You can get this at a store or even online, depending on your preference. You will get the lowest rate since the key is not programmed. Once you get the key, you need to program it so it works with your car.

Programming doesn’t require you to know a computer programming language. It is not technical and you don’t need an engineering degree. It is very easy to do it. We will tell you how.

  • Now that you have the key, use it to open the car door.
  • Insert the car key into the ignition.
  • Turn the car key in the ignition so that it moves from the ‘off’ position to the ‘on’ position. This is a very important step! You need to do this eight times. This should be done within 10 seconds.

So, here is how it works.

  • Insert the car key,
  • move to on, then move to off and repeat this for 8 times continuously so you complete within 10 seconds.
  • The eighth time you need to put it in ‘on’ mode. When you do this, the programming mode is entered. You will know this is activated because the car lock and unlock happens automatically.
  • The moment the programming mode is on, press any button on the fob on your car key.
  • Ensure that you do this within 20 seconds of entering programming mode, else the programming mode will be turned off.
  • You will need to reprogram any other key you have for the car at this time. You have to do it now else those keys will not work.
  • Turn the key to ‘off’. Now your programming is done and tests the keys on the fob. Test whatever keys you have on your car key to check if it is working. The steps we have listed out should help you do this easily.

This completes the programming. In case the keys still don’t work, refer to the user manual so you know what the problem is and can implement the solution.

In conclusion

Reprograming a Ford car key is very easy when you follow the instructions we have given. Also, Pines Ford Lincoln has all the best deals for Ford. You can check them out for the best possible deals.


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