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Ford Keys

Are you the owner of a Ford car? Have you misplaced or lost your car key?
If so you’ll need to get a replacement and you 
probably already know that the cost of getting a new car key can be quite high.

Many Ford owners automatically go to their dealership for a new key, but getting a replacement key from a dealership can be expensive and can exceeds $200 for just one duplicate key.

Do You Have Other Options?

There is an alternative to get a replacement key for your Ford car that can be more affordable and it’s calling a certified automotive locksmith who can cut and program a new car key replacement for you.

Can I Program My Ford Car Key On My Own?

You can program a Ford key but the process can be significantly different based on the model and the year because many Ford cars use key fobs or smart keys that can be programmed for locking and unlocking the doors, opening the trunk and even starting the car. 

The general process for programming a key fob involves certain steps that might include using an existing programmed key and turning the ignition on and off several times to enter the programming mode and then preforming specific actions with the new key.

Programming Process or Ford Vehicles Without Push Button Start

Having at least two programmed keys already

If you don’t have two keys that are already programmed, you may need to visit a dealership or call a locksmith who has the special equipment to program a new key.

Entering programming mode

This usually involves inserting a working key into the ignition, turning it to the “on” position, just before starting the engine and back to “off” multiple times in quick successions until the car enters into programming mode indicated by the locks cycling.

Programming the new key

Once you are in programming mode you would insert the new key and turn it to the “on” position to program it. The specifics moves can be different for each Ford model so it’s important to follow the instructions car manual.

Programming Process For Ford Vehicles With Push Button Start

Ford vehicles with push button start is more complicated and may involve holding the new key fob near a designated area in the car while performing a series of actions with the brake pedal and start button and can be different based on your Ford model.

It is highly important to consult the car owner manual for the exact procedure for your specific Ford model and year and if you do not have access to the manual or if the process requires programming equipment that you do not have, it might be necessary to contact a Ford dealer or a professional locksmith for further help.

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