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What do I do if my car keys got stolen?

If you’ve just realized that your car keys are missing and you thing they’ve been stolen? Here are steps you should follow.

Report the Theft

Immediately report to the police that your keys were stolen, this action will be required for insurance claims.

Secure Your Car

If possible move your car to a secure location and the sooner the better as the thief has access to your car and If you can’t move the car yourself hire a tow service.

Get a Replacement Key

Contact a dealership or call an automotive locksmith to get a key replacement but keep in mind that you will require to provide vehicle identification number as proof of ownership.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance provider about the theft in order to get them involved with the process of what to do next and to understand if you may be covered for the key replacement.

Consider Changing Locks

If your key was a metal key you might need to replace the locks on your vehicle to prevent the thief from enter your car. If your car uses a key fob it might be possible to reprogram it and disable the stolen one.

Take Preventive Measures

Consider investing in additional security measures for your car such as a steering wheel lock, a car alarm or a GPS tracking device, these devices can deter thieves and help you recover your car if it was stolen.

Personal Security Concerns

If your keys were stolen along with personal information that could lead a thief to enter your home, change your home locks.

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