What do I do if my car keys got stolen?

What do I do if my car keys got stolen?

If you have lost your keys, you should inform the cops immediately. You could also call your insurance company and inform them about the situation, so they can provide you with spare keys.

I’m sure we all have locked ourselves out of the house at least once in life, haven’t you? If not our house we have left our keys in the car before slamming the door shut! But there’s nothing to panic about cause you know where the keys are.

What’s worse though is when your keys are stolen!

The first thing you need to do is not panic because there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself from further harm and restore peace of mind.

Some people carry their house keys in the same key ring as their car keys. This can be a reason for panic and inconvenience when your car keys are stolen. The thief has access not only to your car insurance but also to find where you live. And with both your car and house keys it might leave you quite vulnerable irrespective of where you are.

What should I do first?

Call the cops. It’s as simple as that to ensure you have informed the police immediately about your stolen keys.

Also, fill our a detailed police report with as many details as you can remember. Include names of people whom you suspect could have been motivated to steal your keys. Every detail is important for an efficient police investigation.

Once you have filed a complaint, the police officer will tell you if any safety precautions should be taken.

After this you can call your car insurance to inquire if your insurance covers you for any replacement locks. In the case where you have lost your house keys along with your car keys call up your house insurance and inquire about the same.

The only way to know if both the car and house lock replacement is covered by your insurance companies is to call them up. So contact them, ask the right questions because if they do cover it, it’s only a benefit.

Do I change my locks immediately?

If you have a car with the latest technology, then your car keys are probably embedded with computer chips. In this case you will not need new locks. You can go to a local car dealer who sells the same car as yours and have him reprogram a new car key for you. Though you could be charged a couple of hundred of dollar, this is one of the cheapest ways to go about recovering your keys.

In cases where your car is an older version and does not include computer chips, you will have to replace your locks and ignition.

Now for your house keys, replacement can be an option based on the situation you are in.

Scenario 1– You rent a home or an apartment.

The best thing you can do in such a situation is to call your landlord and inform them about the situation. They can decide on the course of action to be taken about the house.

Scenario 2– You own a home with the standard locks.

You are at the liberty of replacing the locks and decide what the kind of lock you want to buy.

Scenario 3– You own a home with heavy-duty and expensive locks.

The best you can do so save some dollar is to have a locksmith work to re-key the locks of the house. Nevertheless, prioritize replacing your house keys because your safety and that of your family is most important.

What else can I do?

Once you have taken the necessary steps mentioned above, pay attention to any suspicious people around your house. The thief might not be aware that your locks are changed. If you ever feel nervous and suspicious alert the cops immediately.

Also, look out for your keys around your house and office space, in case if you misplaced them. But if this is the case inform the police immediately that you have found them. They understand everyone can make mistakes and will not have an issue with you.

But the only case you can be in trouble is if you found the keys but failed to inform the police. 

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