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5 Things To Try When Your Car Ignition Doesn’t Turn

It can be really frustrating when you’re all set to go on a trip and your car just won’t start. If you’re having trouble turning the key in the ignition it could be because of several reasons, might be the ignition or perhaps the key. Don’t let this hold you back, there’s a solution! In situations like these you can count on emergency locksmith services like ACKR Automotive Locksmith, to quickly and safely get you back on the road without any damage, to your vehicle.

What to Do If Your Car Key Isn’t Turning the Ignition?

The ignition cylinder of your vehicle serves as the ignition switch that starts your car. However, people often experience problems relating to the ignition cylinder, such as:

  • The car key sticking in the ignition

  • The car not starting

  • Issues with power

If you come across problems you might consider getting in touch with your car dealer. However if you need a quick solution it’s advisable to get in touch with an automotive locksmith who specializes in car key replacement.

Moreover before jumping to conclusions make sure that you are using the right key (it may sound basic but it happens often than you would expect). Using the wrong key can potentially cause damage to your car’s ignition system.

Outlined below are five steps to follow when your car key fails to turn in the ignition switch, and fails start your car.

Try “Jiggling” Your Steering Wheel

If you’re having trouble starting your car the issue may lie with your steering wheel. One of the solutions is to move the steering wheel back and forth while trying to turn on the ignition.

Sometime, when adjusting the car seat by manipulating the steering wheel it may unintentionally cause the steering wheel to lock. It’s important to keep in mind that the process of unlocking will differ depending on the type of car so its crucial to proceed with caution and avoid any additional damage.

Spray Your Ignition Cylinder

If you’re having trouble turning your car key in the ignition it’s possible that the cylinder is jammed or obstructed. We suggest using a lubricant that’s silicon based to clean small metal debris inside the ignition cylinder and get rid of any dirt that might be causing the problem.

Avoid using lubricants with oil as they have a tendency to attract dirt and build up over time which can lead to bigger issues with your ignition. If you’re unsure about which lubricant to use it’s best to reach out to an automotive locksmith for advice.

Inspect Your Car Battery

If your cars battery is dead it can stop your ignition cylinder from starting the car. Take a look, at your battery light. See if your headlights can turn on. If the lights do come on and there doesn’t seem to be a battery issue, it’s possible that there is a complicated problem with your ignition cylinder that should be looked into by an automotive technician or locksmith.

Consider Replacing Your Car Keys

If your car keys are old, worn out, or damaged it can be challenging to start your ignition or use it to lock/unlock your doors. It is not recommended to try fixing your key on your own, as this may cause harm. The suitable solution is to replace your key.

While you may assume any locksmith can help, it is advisable to consult an automotive locksmith who specializes in cutting and replacing keys. They are equipped with the right tools to do it, they can also program transponder car keys and even more sophisticate remotes.

Reach Out to Your Auto Locksmith

Calling a locksmith is probably the option compared to reaching out to a mechanic or your car dealership. An automotive locksmith provides services for all types and brands of vehicles, including assistance with car keys, locks, and ignitions. So if you find yourself unable to extract your car key from the ignition or in need of secure and damage free solutions to get back on the road -An automotive locksmith company, such as ACKR Automotive Locksmith is your go-to choice.

What Does It Signify If Your Key Won’t Turn?

Need help diagnosing the problem with your cars ignition? Having trouble starting your car?
Probably, you’re dealing with a damaged ignition system!

To resolve this quickly and safely reach out to ACKR Automotive Locksmith, we’ll be there to assist you!

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