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5 Things To Try When Your Car Ignition Doesn’t Turn

Stuck ignition can be very frustrating especially when you’re ready to leave your house here are 5 things to try that might solve the problem.

Steering Wheel Lock

Sometimes the steering wheel can be in a locked position and preventing the ignition from turning so try gently moving the steering wheel and this action will release the lock and allow the key to turn.

Look For Damages on The Key

A damaged key can be the reason why you can’t start the car. Take a look at your key and check for any damage and if the key is bent it is highly recommended to use a spare key.

Check for a Dead Battery

A dead battery might not be a direct reason but it can also be part of the problem, check your car battery by turning on the headlights and if they are not turning on, your battery is dead and you may need a new battery.

Try a Different Gear Position

Sometimes the issue could be related to the parking gear and if your car is automatic make sure it’s in “Park” or “Neutral” because if it’s in any other gear the ignition won’t turn and the car won’t start.

For manual transmission make sure that the gear is in “Neutral” and only than try jiggling the gear shift and than try to turn the ignition.

Lubricate the Ignition

If the key seems ok but won’t turn the ignition it might be because of dirt and by spraying a small amount of lubricant like WD-40 into the ignition you will be able to fix it but be careful not to spray too much because the lubricant itself can attract more dirt in the future.

Call a Certified Locksmith

If none of these steps work for you it may indicate a more severe issue with your car ignition and in this case it’s recommend to contact locksmith who can easily diagnose and fix the problem.

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