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7 Tips For Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe

1. Limit Accessibility

Storing your motorcycle in an hard to reach location significantly decreases the possibilities of thieves getting hold of it. A private garage is an excellent choice for storage offering maximum protection. When you’re away from home it’s advisable to opt for paid covered parking with surveillance. By minimizing chances, for entry you greatly decrease the chances of your bike being stolen or damaged.

2. Employ Steering Lock

Although a steering lock on your bike may not be your best security measure it plays a big role in deterring theft. By engaging a steering lock while leaving your bike unattended, you significantly increase the level of difficulty for any thief. If they can’t bypass this lock moving your bike becomes an impossible task for them. Remember to activate the steering lock whenever you’re not around to keep an eye on your bike.

3. Avoid Disc Locks

When it comes to keep thieves away, relying on a disc lock may not offer the right protection. It might not be strong enough to discourage thieves from snatching your bike. It is recommended instead to use a lock that includes a cable or an anchor that can securely attached to a fixed object when leaving your bike unattended. Regardless of where you park it is essential to ensure that the bike is firmly secured, by using chain with a thickness of at least 5/8 inch.

4. Position Lock High

When you put your lock in place make sure it is positioned above the ground. Burglars sometimes attempt to manipulate locks and take advantage of the ground, for added leverage. By placing the lock up you make it harder for them to employ this tactic thereby increasing the difficulty of their task.

5. Double Security

What could be more effective than one lock for your bike? Having two locks of the same kind! This strategy significantly enhances the likelihood of a thief being unable to bypass both locks. It is recommended to use a lock with a cable to fasten the bike to an object while a disc lock equipped with an alarm system can make for an exceptional backup security measure.

6. Choose Well-Lit Areas

When you decide to park your bike especially if its not in a parking garage look for a lit and public location. This approach serves as a deterrent against property crimes. Even though you should still make sure that your bike is securely locked and take all precautions having it easily visible in an area with frequent foot traffic always works in your favor.

7. Remove Lock Numbers

It is highly important to keep in mind that the lock number is usually printed on the lock itself when you buy it. If that is the case make sure to scratch off this number, once you’ve securely noted it somewhere else. Even the serial number of the lock can give a thief details to make a duplicate key. Be cautious about who knows your lock number.

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