Bypassing the transponder key If your transponder key fails!

Bypassing the transponder key If your transponder key fails!

Most car keys come with an in-built transponder. The transponder allows you to use your car key to lock/unlock the car from afar. It is possible that sometimes the transponder fails. When that happens, your key becomes useless and you cannot use it. If you lose your key, it is one thing but if the key is in your hand and doesn’t work it is a problem.

You cannot open or start the car if the transponder doesn’t work. This can be frustrating. Since your car comes with an anti-theft system, it won’t open without using the key. The only solution is to bypass the anti-theft system in your car. This can help you open the car. It is not so easy as you need to know very clearly how to do it.

This is where ACKR can be of use. They provide car locksmith services that include a range of services for car owners. Repair of the ignition, replacement of transponder key, and duplication of car key are some of the services provided.

The transponder key and its working

The transponder key is a part of the anti-theft system in cars. This is one of the most common security features in cars. Virtually all modern cars have this feature that helps in making your car more secure. It was in the early 1990s that this feature started to become popular. Today, it is an essential feature in most car keys.

The transponder key has a microchip in it. This allows the key to communicating with the immobilizer located inside the car’s anti-theft system. Until the signal from the key is detected, the car will not start. This ensures better security. But the problem is that if the transponder does not work, you cannot start the car.

Bypassing the Immobilizer

If your transponder key does not work, one option to solve this problem is to bypass the immobilizer itself. This can easily solve the problem but is not recommended. If you do this, then your car’s security system is disabled. This puts your car at risk of being stolen.

Some people in this situation feel that they would disable the immobilizer temporarily to make the car work. They then plan to enable it later. However, they forget to activate it later. This creates a serious risk. If your car without an immobilizer is stolen, you may find it difficult to get an insurance claim.

The value of the car is reduced when this happens. This is why it is strongly advised not to bypass the immobilizer to solve this problem. The best solution is to bypass the transponder so you can access your car. Once you do this, you can later get the transponder replaced.

You need a professional locksmith

If you want to solve the problem of the transponder key not working, then approaching a professional locksmith is the best solution. You can take the car to a dealer to get the problem fixed. However, this is an expensive solution as their charges would be high.

For an effective solution in terms of results and costs, it is best to approach a professional locksmith. There are two main benefits of this. One is that you get quick service and don’t have to wait too long. The second benefit is that you can get the best prices.

When you call the best locksmith, their specialists would come to your place immediately to fix the problem. Their services are available on 24-hours to deal with emergencies.

Get in touch with us

You can get in touch with us to solve any problems with your car key and lock. If you have been searching for the best locksmith online, then can stop searching. Their specialist mobile locksmiths are available to solve any of your problems, including problems with the car key transponder.


They can help you bypass the transponder key to solve your problem and then get the transponder replaced. Contact their office to get more information about their services or else schedule an appointment with their locksmith.

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